Image of Ghost Tracer AF-1

Ghost Tracer AF-1


Drawing inspiration from our military background at the shooting range. We would go for many night shooting exercises in the dark and there was no way to see the target we are aiming for.
So what we have are tracer bullets, which are the first bullets in the chamber.
The tips are often dipped in red and would send out a ray of light when you fire lighting up the targeted area with a flare giving the shooter several seconds to zero in the target.
I relate the tracers as the leaders that pave the way as leaders often go in blind and the rest will follow.

The pack features SBTG's signature hand painted Tiger Stripe camouflage in Ghost colorway.
Accented with Fluoro Pink and instructional stencils of our motto 'Destroy to create' at the toe.

* The tracer pink application on the toe is coloured with a paint that has less adhesion to the surface and is meant to scuff off upon wearing.

Kindly allow 3-4 weeks production time before delivery..

Prices in USD.

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