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B.P.S.W SK8 Hi


Big pants small wheels

The title suggests an era of skateboarding which is crucial to my career, It was a time where tricks became a lil more technical and low profile.
This was in the early 90s where skaters started to chop down their hi tops into mids.
This gives them more mobility yet not compromising ankle protection. I believe that this movement also played a huge part of the Halfcabs.
It was also the first time i ever customised a pair of sneakers. But instead of simple duct taping the exposed sponge on the shoes, I took it a notch higher and sealed it by stitching all around it.

My Sk8 hi's feature a chopped ankle collar , sealed up with a hand stitch and embellished with some braiding ribbon, conchos and white heart glass beads.
The jazz stripe bears SBTG's signature hand painted animal camouflage, Ribcage on the heel and the motto 'Destroy to Create' printed on the sides and finished with SBTG's custom surplus label on the tongues.

Kindly allow 4-5 weeks production time before delivery.

Price in USD.

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